Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Startup that Remains So is a Failure

VC funded Startups always kick out the Founders. It's regarded as a measure of success. And, frankly, sometimes they need to be kicked out. But, recently, TheHackerCIO found this presentation. It not only explains, reasonably,  *why* founders need to go. It explains, concisely and cogently, why Startups must not remain Startups. To remain a Startup, is to Fail.

It also focuses on the innovation occurring in the lean side of Startup financing. That is to say, in places like Y-Combinator, and other accelerators. A good part of that innovation is in the Entrepreneurial education provided. It points out that this is very different from traditional Business-school curricula. The author, Steve Blank, calls for the creation of Entrepreneurial Schools, or E-Schools, in contrast to Business Schools (or B-Schools). He also would like to see them connect with universities. 

I highly recommend Steve's presentation for anyone interested in Startups: