Monday, January 4, 2016

Spam, Hideous Spam

Spam and Bitter-Rancor I sing, O Muse ...

TheHackerCIO hasn't had a great experience with comments on any web posting. Here is why he hates trainers from X ...

A while back I posted why-hackers-hate-headhunters, which received this comment:

========original comment text follows ====================
Jhon Mick November 16, 2015 at 3:27 AM <>

Learning new technology would give oneself a true confidence in the current emerging Information Technology domain. With the knowledge of big data the most magnificent cloud computing technology one can go the peek of data processing. As there is a drastic improvement in this field everyone are showing much interest in pursuing this technology. Your content tells the same about evolving technology. Thanks for sharing this.

Big Data Hadoop Training in Chennai

To which I replied:

Note that the comment above is pure, hideous spam, in the newer form (i.e., that of comments rather than email) Observe that there is no shred of relevance to the subject or theme of this posting. Clearly "Jhon Mick" googled Hadoop, which is mentioned here and then felt perfectly free to post meaningless buzzword stew to try to get people to look into his Big Data Hadoop Training in Chennai. That earns them a big roasting, from TheHackerCIO. And probaly, the comment will be deleted, so I preserve it here, without the repulsive link, which I certainly don't want crawled.

So not only does TheHackerCIO hate headhunters, but he also has to hate email trawlers who couch their spam in the form of supposed comments. These people really need to get a life. Can somebody please train these trainers  on How to be a Decent Person?

I Remain,