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Friday, September 27, 2013

Missing the Google Mixer

TheHackerCIO was sore tempted to go to the Google Mixer in Venice last night. But at the LAJUG Study Group, where we discussed the meeting, I asked what would be the point. And the consensus was that it would be good contacts if you wanted to work at Google.

That clinched it for me. I don't want to work at Google.

Maybe that's not 100% true. I wouldn't so much mind working at Google. I mean just look at the event, where they mention that:
There is no formal program - just meeting others with a passion for innovative software development.  
Who could not enjoy that? I'd love to meet others passionate about Hacking. I'd love to work with others passionate about Hacking.

But I don't love a hellish interview process. And I know I'm not likely to make the grade. I've read Cracking The Coding Interview, by Gayle Laakman McDowell, so I well know what the Google interview is like, what the Amazon interview is like, etc.

And I also know that the Google head-cracker interview questions, which I'm no good at, have been admitted to have been completely worthless as predictors of good employees. See the article here.

So, TheHackerCIO will remain content with going to his Karate class on Thursdays!

He's not into "grueling interview processes" that don't even work. He's not into Masochism. He'd rather stay with the early stage StartUps.

I Remain Faithfully,