Frequently Asked Questions

[listed in the order written, together with the frequency with which the question is asked]

[Do NOT stop reading here, but also read the NAQ: the Never Asked Questions, because they ought to have been asked!]

1.    (5x)   Are you interested in a Big-4 Consulting Opportunity? 
2.    (14x) Are you interested in Outsourcing with my company?
                      Main Answer
                      Note About Out-Sourcer Laziness
3.    (3x)   Who is TheHackerCIO?
4.    (4x)   Are you interested in a career in my behemoth enterprise?
5.    (1x)   Are you interested in "giving back" to the community?
6.    (1x)   How can I subscribe and get early access to your essays?
7.    (8x)   What did I do wrong in my Hackathon Presentation?
8.  (15x)  How can you not know who won the Hackathon you judged?

[forthcoming section]
9.  (2x)   Why do you support Hackathons?
10.  (1x)   What can a professional do to keep up with changing technology?
11.  (1x)   How can I be productive in the pathological corporation with Dilbertian management?
12.  (1x)   How can I make the transition from long-time permanent employment to consulting?


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