Service Level Agreement

CIOs are often involved in setting SLAs for the end-users of their organizations. They set the expectations of  those users, so that misunderstandings are avoided. The concept is worthwhile, because you, as a blog-reader of TheHackerCIO, are entering into a contractual arrangement with him, willy-nilly. It's not a formal, explicit, written contract. But there is an implicit, unwritten one.

I am undertaking to provide you with informative insight gathered from a highly successful and productive career, derived from a focused, razor-sharp intelligence directed at the reality of the technology world, spanning the whole gamut of issues, from the level of coding and hacking, on to the level of DBA, infrastructure admin, architect, and moving on up to strategic levels, characteristic of C-level executives. These insights are furthermore expressed  in a unique, reality-focused, inimitable style, simultaneously informative and entertaining. Because learning is fun. Technology is fun. And work ought to be.

The gentle reader, my honorable colleague, on the other hand, is receiving an enormous value from reading my content. In order to pay back the intellectual debt incurred, he should:

  1. follow @TheHackerCIO on Twitter & retweet valuable postings to his own network.
  2. post on LinkedIn the URLs of blog postings of particular interest and value.
  3. Renounce Pointy-Haired-Boss-Hood, and all his works. :-)   [yeah, I know they wouldn't read on]
  4. Subscribe to the email list, in order to obtain access to the forthcoming essays. Use the widget.
Thank you for your adherence to the trader-principle, where you give value for value received. And may you be focused and disciplined in your pursuit of great work, always retaining a love, respect, and enjoyment of the work and pride in it's embodment as a product.  


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