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I started out very easygoing about whom I LinkedIn with. But I continually got burned. So I became, of necessity, more restrictive. I keep getting hit up by recruiters, outsourcers, business development people, who after LinkingIn, want something. I don't mind people who want something, but I do mind when people don't do any research at all about me, my values, and approach to doing business.

Therefore, I don't link in with anyone in those three categories, UNLESS they indicate something of interest on their request. I repeat: I will mark your request as spam if you are a recruiter, outsourcer, or business development type and you do not indicate that you have done your research prior to attempting to LinkIn with me.

Another obvious exception would be that you actually had met me in person. Then, I'd know you and probably would accept your request.

People may wonder, "what would indicate that I had done my homework, performed due-diligence research on TheHackerCIO, and consequently achieve LinkingIn with him, or a response to an email?" A perfect answer lies in a recent example, which I'm going to reproduce below.

Naturally, I'll remove many of the details to anonymize it. But you'll see that the writer has read my FAQ and shows some intelligence in the pitch to get me outsourcing. This is something I'm happy to engage on and consider. Without further ado, I present the example:


Hi James

Thanks for the candid reply!

I went through the FAQ section and would agree the reasons for your apprehension for the foreign outsourcing.

I believe the solution of the problems you mentioned in the blog gets sorted by the risk free evaluation of 14 days. Those 14 days comprises no documentation but hard core coding. If you are not satisfied with the quality of work, we part ways without any single penny investment from your end!

I would love to share more details if you can give me a slot of 20 minutes where we can discuss and change the notion- "TheHackerCIO says, "Just say no, to outsourcing."

You can also go through the few blogs of ours in your spare time:



To contact me you may:
1.  LinkIn to James Rothering, as seen here,  indicating your intelligent understanding of everything in my FAQ.
2.  email me: jrothering at, likewise indicating your intelligent understanding of everything in my FAQ.
3  follow me on twitter: @TheHackerCIO

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