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Monday, September 16, 2013

Error is a Problem

Today, TheHackerCIO is back to hacking. And he's ticked off. With all the improvements to coding languages; with all the frameworks dedicated to improving productivity and accelerating development by shortening the build-cycle, why, oh why haven't error messages improved any over the last 30 years. You still get presented with merely a cryptic message when you offend the parser. Let this posting be a manifesto for improving programmer productivity! Let's build a language/environment where the abstract message is tied to the actual concretes that produced the error. Let's see, side by side the elements of the parse tree that are no good, and the line numbers where these are involved. if there were some recourse to the actual originating and intermediate steps that led to the error it would be a serious advance over the standard operating procedure of pasting the error into Google along with "Stackoverflow" as search term.

I Remain and hope to Remain for some time Hacking, As ...