Confidentiality Warning

TheHackerCIO is rigorous and a gentleman when it comes to keeping confidences.

But that doesn't mean he keeps things confidential when he has never been notified that they are so. If you share information with him, he is very likely to share it with others, to find new synergies for everyone to gain, unless you tell him explicitly that this is in confidence.

Recently, for example, someone told him something about Hackathons. Something huge. Something very exciting.  TheHackerCIO, being the judge of a large Hackathon, later casually mentioned that he was going to mention this to the organizer, to see if we could work together profitably and mutually. Then, this person replied, "please don't, this is confidential." Confidential! You have to tell people! You can't expect them to mind-read it. And so, a gaffe was narrowly avoided. And now, TheHackerCIO must maintain this confidence, so don't ask him about it!

The same principle applies to written communications. If I don't know you from Adam, and you don't specify that what you say is confidential, then I feel perfectly free to reproduce them in my blog, minus the names. You have no reasonable expectation of privacy in such condition.

You have been warned.

You should read all my FAQ.

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  1. All the Non Disclosure Agreements I have signed (or that I remember reading) specify that the receiving party must be notified that a document being shared is considered proprietary to the sharing party.