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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Why Losing Your House and Lisp-JVM Are Unrelated

Web sites are a great way to learn new languages. They offer a prebuilt compiler with a web input interface, so there's nothing to install to start learning. Plus, some sites offer Programming Koans, not to be confused with Hacker Koans. A programming Koan is a problem designed to test your ability to code and help teach you a particular language feature.

Yesterday, I mentioned how TheHackerCIO is learning Clojure, a functional language on the JVM. In fact, Clojure is a Lisp for the JVM. Again, the motivating reasons for this will have to await a future post. But the online Koans are a wonderful way to learn Clojure. They also will introduce the reader to a wonderful type of learning site.

So direct your browser to the 4Clojure site -- a site derived from Clojure-Koans -- as you continue to read my blog. Scroll down on the home page, to the section titled:

So wait, I can't buy cheap real estate here?

So now you will understand the cryptic title of this blog post! The 4clojure site says:

 "At this time, does not provide information regarding the sale of foreclosed homes, and has no plans of doing so in the future."

which explains Why Losing Your House and Lisp-JVM Are Unrelated!
On the site, which you should set up a free account and start playing with, you will find:
  1.  a problem, stated in text, 
  2. a test suite of 2 -4 tests, and 
  3. a section for code entry.
when you enter the section of code, and click the "Run" button, the test suite will be used to test your answer code, and will graphically indicate pass or fail (green vs. red). When you correctly answer a Koan, your status will be updated, so you can track your progress by the number of problems you have correctly answered. You can also see top answerers, so there is a social component to it. 

Enjoy learning about Koans! And Clojure!

I Remain,