A number of blog postings deal with topics which require more than a single posting to adequately explore. This page tracks those postings, so that the followups don't get forgotten. These "forthcoming postings," represent my intention to deliver this content to you someday. When time permits. If you really want to see the content sooner, you can always pay me. Then, I'll really get around to it.

Update 2014-04-24: I just realized that I was tracking promises to deliver, but not pointing out my good track record of follow through. I've now added that into a section, which I'm happy to call "Delivered as Promised."

Delivered As Promised 

1. The Secret Recipe For Dealing With Assholes -- promised here; delivered there.
2. Show Me, Don't Tell Me (part 2) -- promised here; delivered there.

Forthcoming postings

3. Techno-Journaling (part 3) -- promised someday here, and here.
4. Openness to Learning Something New -- promised here.
5. More on Conceptual Integrity -- promised here.

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