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Friday, September 13, 2013

Lightening the Load Testing

Load Testing was the topic at this morning's Los Angeles CTO Forum. Two presenters showed the goods. Apica has their own proprietary tool, which they demonstrated. I thought it was way cool when they picked up nodes to run their server off balloons on a World Map! The tests are then run off these nodes, using their rackspace datacenters. Apica are partners with Rackspace, so they can come in on your project if your using them for your cloud.

The other presenter was Andrew Cholakian, a local hacker who also likes Clojure and wrote his product in it. His product is Engulf and you can spin up AWS AMIs as nodes to run your loadtests.

Finally, I spent a few minutes plugging the Technology Radar Group. It's a key tool for keeping up with the dizzying pace of technology. TheHackerCIO is far too busy to do without the Technology Radar Group! Between that and Hackathons, they are crucial for keeping current. Slides are here.