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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

UsiN' l33T 42 p4rt 0f H4X0r kultuR3

People have asked me what the The H4ck3rC10 means in the Blog banner. That's because you don't have a proper appreciation for Hacker culture. Many hackers, in times past, had problems getting past the profanity checkers with their emails, not to mention having problems with certain BBSs, when they discussed hacking topics. So they developed an alternative alphabet, called 'leet. You can read more about the history of Leet at Wikipedia. I've used Leet in the Title of this post, so you can get a sense of it. If you want to copy this, you can go to this Leet Translator , paste it in,  click "Convert to english," and see it transformed. There are different versions of Leet. You'll notice on the translator that there is a checkbox for "advanced." I write very basic leet, because I'm drawn by an overwhelming desire for comprehensible communications. Remember, I'm not just a h4X0r!

I'm also a top-notch CIO.

So I remain, Equally,