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Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Vibrant London Java Scene

3556 Java Users in London! With a population of 8.1 Million.


47 Java Users in LAJUG! With a population of 3.8 Million.

Yes, I know there are more in South Bay. There are more in Pasadena. There are more in Santa Monica, who never actually meet, anymore. But I challenge anyone to total the numbers, adjust them for population and offer me a comparison as a counter-example.  I'm not holding my breath.

Then examine the schedule of talks, activities, Hack Nights, and meetings in London and compare it to what is available in the superset of Java Users Groups in LA.

Now you will understand why I rave about the vibrant Technology scene of London.

I've worked in London twice, for a total of about 3 years, and as a Technologist I've never had a better experience. When I convince someone in the UK that my approach is superior, even if it is marginally more expensive (anywhere up to 25%) or will marginally set back the delivery dates (again, anywhere up to 25% slippage), then my case is concluded. The decision is almost automatically in favor of the superior approach, because of the long-term benefits.

Has anyone ever experienced this in the US? I only ask for information, as Marvin would say.

I've often heard that in LA it's too difficult to commute to the other side of town for a technical presentation. But in London, the commute isn't all that easy. No one actually lives in London, and clearly the Java Meetups are not that convenient for everyone. And it doesn't take any effort to click a few buttons and at least join the Meetup, getting your name on the list.

But there is the hard, numerical evidence right for everyone to see.

LA does have a lot of interest in the User Experience Meetup: 2943 Members. Which means that LA has a peculiar interest quite different from London.