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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The CV for Americans

Americans don't write CVs. They write a "Resume."  Especially technology professionals. In fact, the conventional, generally-accepted, "consensus," Whiz-Dumb holds that a resume, or even a CV should be one or, at most, two pages! For example see this, and that. But this is a huge mistake, and a long, detailed CV is important for everyone.

The essence of the brevity argument is that recruiters and hiring managers are too dumb or lazy to read much. They phrase it in euphemisms, but that's what they mean. For example, in the article above, they spoke of these inDUHviduals having "short attention spans." In other words, they are mental cripples, or too lazy to read more than one page.

TheHackerCIO begs to differ. I write what I want. What the reader does with it is his business and his problem. I can accommodate the recruiter's and manager's laziness, stupidity, and brain deficit by writing in the "reverse pyramid style" of the newspaper writer, where everything important comes first, and less and less important content follows later. In short, the reverse-chronology ordering tactic fits perfectly. I start with my most recent experience and work backwards.

But these are issues of scope and arrangement. This is all just formatting!

The more important issues are personal and substantive.

Since many readers don't know what a CV is, and almost no-one knows its meaning, advantages, and utility, I'm going to start off the year by explaining a bit about the good old Curriculum Vitae, why you need a long, detailed one, and the benefits that come from the exercise of producing one.

This is an excellent time to work with me through this exercise, so you can be ready in the new year for any new job searches that may arise. Or, just be ready so that you can take your career to the next level.

We'll see why the CV is crucial to this ..... in the next post.

I Remain,


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

This is The Sorting Hat!!!

TheHackerCIO's blog is his Sorting Hat.

It separates the diamonds from the dunghill.

Those who appreciate his professional values and reality-focused, brutally-honest approach will adhere to him. Those who don't appreciate him, or don't appreciate his questioning,  such as some unknown members of a certain forum for CTOs in the Los Angeles area, learn from this blog that they should have no truck with him. Because the questioning will never cease. Questioning is fundamental.

Question early; question often; question everything; question assumptions, especially! Because an active intelligence demands it. I should rather question too much, and learn TMI, than timidly fear to raise my voice. I've been accused of many things, but timidity has never been one of them.

There is nothing better in the world than having your own sorting hat for it! So, I love my blog! It's already sorted out a number of people with whom I had mistakenly associated. And now, that mistake has been eliminated. Thank you, O Mighty blog!

Not only a sorting hat, but my blog is now functioning as a resume, of sorts!  I'm sure you've heard of using Github as a resume. And in fact, TheHackerCIO needs to put some code samples out there for that very purpose. This year. But this blog fulfills a similar function: possibly even better. It chronicles my professional life. In another year, a reader will be able to see the range and reach, the breadth and depth of issues and problems with which TheHackerCIO has dealt.

It's almost in need of a jingle, similar to that of the Wall Street Journal, whose motto is "The Daily Diary of the American Dream." Mine ought to be, "The daily professional journal of an exceptional senior technology executive, who is in love with his work." Just doesn't seem catchy, though.

I Remain,